Dance competition preparation

Step By Step Dance School prides itself on the amazing standard and dedication to competition that their dancers display on the National and now International stage! From very early ages, and not so early ages, Step By Step coaches guide their dancers in their approach to competition and performance, striving hard
to hone skills, talents, techniques and passion into their dance. It’s so much more than choreography! It’s two people moving and breathing together on the dance floor as one, blending their talents in their performance to produce a skilful, colourful blaze of dance glory! Judges love them! We love them! But this all comes from hard work, dedication to dance, passion and determination.
This is what Step By Step brings out of their students who want to achieve in competition.

Every week,
our dancers practice, dance for hours, workout the carefully choreographed routines Andrzej and his Teachers give their students and strive to ready themselves for the competition stage. The youth competition dancers of the school have three hour sessions at a time to work on technique and routines for
performance, and then practice three or more sessions a week in their quest to improve and progress up the ranks. In the past few months several very young and youth couples were proudly launched into competition and were placed in the top four places in both Latin and Ballroom, bringing home medals and trophies
for their efforts. Within just a few years of dancing, some of our couples are competing for coveted placings at the prestigious home of competition dance in Blackpool! Step By Step Adults are just as determined, and relentlessly practice and work at what they love in order to be the best they can possibly be on the competition floor.  

IDTA Medal Exams Preparation

For students who don't have a regular partner for competitive dancing, IDTA medal exams are the perfect way to make personal progress in both Latin and Ballroom at all levels. Step By Step Dance is proud of the very high standard of results our students achieve in the medal exams . Our students are prepared through their designated classes, private lessons and courses to take their exams inboth Latin and Ballroom at all different levels

Those dancers who don’t have a regular partner for competition strive to make personal progress through medal awards and certificates. Many of our students from the very young to the not so young, gain very high marks showing
incredibly high standards in their footwork and execution of their dance. In one weekend in 2012 almost 300 students took their exams from Bronze to Gold Bar, and Step By Step are very proud of every single one!